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Easy Alternate Day Fasting

RRP $16.99

Join Beth Christian on her journey to lose weight and gain a new healthy life with this revolutionary new take on dieting.

Beth describes "the simple way to health and weight-loss" where you can lose weight without denying yourself life's pleasures, lose fat while retaining lean mass and decrease your risk of obesity-related disorders.

Discover the Easy Alternate Day Fasting revolution with this book and find out how you can easily take control of your weight.

This book outlines an easy to follow plan which will quickly become a habit just like it has for Beth and her husband, along with many thousands of other people.

Finally you can enjoy your food without feeling guilty!

BONUS: Contains 20 of Beth's favorite delicious calorie-counted recipes too!

Alternate Medicine Scripture Pathways

RRP $18.99

This book is revised from the original titled Alternate Medicine Pathways Through The Scriptures: which was written in 1998. There were requests for more copies of the original book which had been depleted. In this version the author tells how some of the scriptures helped her in times of need. Personal interpretation of some scriptures is also shared. At the end of some of the chapters are prayers to help the sick with the words to seek God in the healing process. Studies have shown that prayer, and other forms of faith, do increase healing. Some of the major cancer center now incorporate prayer, and other forms of meditation into their treatment programs. The book is broken down into specific categories to help the sick find the particular scriptures they need. It is the authora s hope that the book will bring comfort and hope from beginning to end.

The Secret Betrothal - A Pride And Prejudice Alternate Path

RRP $23.99

Why would a gentleman ask a lady to conceal their betrothal? Jane Austen writes of secret engagements in more than one of her novels, and in The Secret Betrothal, author Jan Hahn explores the question of what would happen if Austen's most famous heroine from Pride and Prejudice reluctantly agrees to accept such a proposal. When Fitzwilliam Darcy learns that Elizabeth has committed herself to such an arrangement, his hopes of winning her hand are shattered. A circumstances continue to bring the two together-from Hertfordshire to Rosings Park to the seaside town of Brighton-he finds he is unable to tame his desire for the lady who has stolen his heart. Do Darcy's efforts to win Elizabeth succeed, or does his sworn enemy lead her to the altar? From the award-winning author of An Arranged Marriage and The Journey


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